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Default Low performance after installing 6600GT

Hey guys i need your help for this.

I changed my graphics card from a 440MX to a 6600GT for a few months. But till now the problem remains unsolved. The 6600GT lags as much as the 440MX when playing half-life 2 only a little better. I tried many methods like reformatting the driver, getting the latest driver, reinstalling the driver, updating my motherboard and stuffs but none of it solved the problem. Can anyone tell me what is wrong? I appreciate your help.

Here are my computer specs:

Intel celeron 2.4GHZ
256MB Cosair RAM
Xpertvision GeForce 6600GT
Cosair 40GB HD
A 200-450W power supply
Windows XP without SP

Well never mind about the slow specs that i have because it should not perform that bad. The temp of my graphics card is normally 50 deg and when playing it will get to a max of 55 deg.
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