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Default Re: Low performance after installing 6600GT

You need a GB of ram. Period. Another stick of 256mb will help TONS, but a GB would be night and day.

Your Celeron, like everyone says, is definetly holding you back too. If I had to make a choice between processor and ram, like it looks like you'd have to do considering that you're rocking that system in the first place, I'd pick the RAM, honestly. Your PC is choking more with having to access the swap file than it is with processing data.

You might only get another 5-10fps with the ram over the processor which MIGHT give you up to 20 (maybe more, it really just depends). BUT!!! And this is a big BUT...its going to be a lot smoother with the RAM upgrade compared to the just the processor. You'll have severe hitching at 256mb one way or another.
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