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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by raystone57
^ I already asked this in a GW thread in the main MMORPG forum but since shaders are being discussed, do I need the Factions preview to have Dx9 graphics or is Dx9 now in the main Guild Wars levels? I don't have the preview and I can't tell for certain if the existing GW game looks better, it seems like the surfaces look nicer but that may be from the update of 2 weeks ago and not directly from any effects of the preview which is around 5 days old now.

oh duh, EDIT - it says in my advanced graphics the renderer is Dx9. And again I don't have the preview, but I'm glad it at least says Dx9 now.
raystones, make sure that your video options have "post process effects" on. This makes a big difference visually (especially at high resolutions sp.?)

Ahhhhh, wait, I understand where you are coming don't know if this only has an effect on the character selection screen...or the whole game, right? I'm not sure either. I had assumed it was the whole game because that option sure did make the character selection screen much better. Or, am I talking out of my ass?

edit - just realised that you guys are talking about dx9 shader capabilities. I'm wondering, then, what the "post process effects" option is for then?
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