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Default Upgrading to GeForce 6800LE, help required!

Hi Guys,

I'm currently running an ATI Radeon 9500 Pro (128 MB) on a standard Dell mobo (not sure of the exact model - it shipped with a Dell Dimension 4550). I want to upgrade my graphics card. I only have an AGP 4x slot. I have been looking at mid range graphics cards and the 6800LE seems like a good choice ( What I want to know is, will this card (AGP 8x) run in a 4x slot. If it does will I still be able to unlock the extra pipes? (as i've heard is possible). Even if this will work, as its only AGP 4x will I see a significant improvement in graphics? I'm not very knowledgable on the issue of graphics cards, so if anyone could give me any advice on whether this should work, and if it would be worthwhile, that'd be great.

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