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Default Support of new video cards for laptops? (Quadro FX go 350/1500/2500)

Hi folks.

Rumors tell that there's a new nvidia driver coming in a couple of weeks.
I'm in the process of buying a new laptop computer, and currently I'm in favor of the new Dell Precision M65 and M90. These laptops comes with Quadro FX Go 350 for the M65 and Quadro FX Go 1500 or 2500 for the M90.

As far as I can tell from documentation, these models are not supported by the current driver. Does anyone know whether these models will be supported by the upcoming release? Are there some resources for information like this, or Is my only hope that someone from nvidia reads this tread and answers this question?

I've looked into the nv driver code, and it seems like these models are added to xorg's source tree (without the "Go", don't now if that matters) and I'd be happy to run the nv driver until the nvidia driver supports the models if it's going to happen not very long from now. Does anyone know for certain whether the nv driver in xorg v7.0 (or cvs HEAD) really support these models?

I've looked up some technical info on the models, and the Go 350 has "only" 64 bit memory access, while the others have 256 bit. How much performance impact will this have? I'd like to run xgl, but I suppose I can do without. Seems like the Go 350 uses very little power, which is good for a laptop.

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