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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

Originally Posted by xorbe
So the next question is, how can we force software rendering of all fonts on Linux?
Well the fonts are currently software rendered and thats exactly why they are so slow (like the 30x slowdown on my fastest glyph-painting machine).
If you don't want software rendering for your fonts you have to disable it completly for all types of operations, which means using the VESA driver

So its normal that its way slower than normal font rendering, however I don't see a reason why a NV18 outperforms NV43 chip by about 3,5 times.

Or get the nVidia driver fixed?
I don't know where the problem lies, my benchmark should just show that some guys definitifly _have_ problems with glyph painting performance.
My guess is that the NV4x chipset Nvidia does subpixel rendering using their onboard-shaders but something does not work as well as it should.

I am however curious why Nvidia stopped talking about this issue, the only comments I saw on this thread are one of those two types:
* We don't see a problem
* We can't reproduce a problem

This sounds a bit strange, especially keeping in mind that here were 3-4 guys who were able to reproduce it without any configuration change. (Doesn't nvidia run something like a performance regression testsuite before they release new drivers??)
So maybe its a hardware limitation they want to hide or they simply really don't care.

lg Clemens
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