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Default Re: Upgrading to GeForce 6800LE, help required!

Originally Posted by UltraEvo
I would definately get a 6600GT over 6800LE. Any graphics card with the word LE has horrible performance or should i just say worse among the series. Unless you want more performance or your CPU is fast enough then maybe you should get a 6800LE.
Strictly speaking, i agree with you. But you also get the chance that you could unlock the LE to almost a 6800GT, albeit with slower clocks. Also the memory bandwidth of 256bit compared to the 128bit of the 6600gt, which would come in handy if you planned on using AA + AF when playing.
I'm not saying that the 6600GT is a bad card, far from it, but the 6800LE has the potential to be better, and even if nothing unlocks, its on a par with the 6600GT, and better with AA due to the 256 memory bus.
Anyway, either choice would be much better than your 9500pro.
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