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Default From default NV at 75 vert HZ to nvidia at max 58Hz, what's wrong?

Hello All,

Right now I am only able to get 1024 x 768 @58 eye killing Hz. This is only on nVidia drivers both version 7676 and 8178. Both the default Linux nv driver and the windows nvidia or default drivers can be configured to use 1024 x 769 @ 75Hz with no quarms at all. I have tried manually configuring the the xorg.conf file as well as every combination possible under sax2, attempting anything within it's true range will default it to 800 x 600 and some crazy low Hz which I took no particular interest in. I'm at an end and it's the only thing stopping me from really using Linux full time. I have heard of this same thing happening with laptops... Does anyone know what's the cause and how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance,
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