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Originally posted by ricercar
Hmm. The three biggest name OEMs I think of--MSI, ASUS, Gainward--have all announced GeForceFX 5800 Ultra and 5800 models.
The companies you named are AIBs: Add-In Board: companies that make components such as graphics cards.

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer- "A company that purchases components from manufacturers, adds other hardware or software, and sells the systems."

The big oem's are companies such as dell, gateway, ibm, and hp. Look on their webpages. Report back if you find any of them offering the FX 5800, even as an option.

The only oem's with the FX 5800 are smaller, boutique gaming pc companies such as Alienware. Even from Alienware, it's not standard equipment; it's an option with limited availability.
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