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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

Originally Posted by d13f00l
Nope, even modern cards don't use shaders for AA rendering. I was talking to one of the devs about this, it would be a possibility, however.
Yep I forgot. Seems you are Mr. 100% very impoartant undercoder agent nvidia developer contact.
Well at least java does this:

For example, I was programming a game before. Drawing 1200 16x16 tiles to the screen was _MUCH_ _MUCH_ slower than drawing a single 640x480 surface to the screen.
Well of course blitting a single image to an surface is something mordern cards can do in a very efficient manner. I guess when drawing the 16x16 tiles actually the whole opcode-generation / locking / context-switch-operating-system stuff is way slower than the blitting itself. However this is not latency since when blitting images you actually don't need to wait.
Furthermore this does not explain why a NV43 based card is 3,5 times slower than an old NV18 card.

The KDE team seemingly refuses to look at the issue....
I've given up on the issue, this issue, among other performance issues, won't be _totally_ resolved until X moves away from software rendering and accelerates everything in hardware
1.) If KDE application 1 performs bad with one NVidia card and very good with another one its in my eyes not KDEs nore the applications fault. Its simply a speed regression either in the chip or in the driver!

2.) Why X? I would recommend to get some ground knowledge before generating tons of traffic blaming other guys which are not involved into this problem at all. It has never been and will never be X's responsibility to accalerate anything - thats why drivers exist.

lg Clemens
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