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Default Re: Why isn't the NVnews logo green?

Originally Posted by keith33
Here's a revision without the logo.

Edit: Oh $***, forgot to save the editable file of the different colours for print etc. meh, I'll redo them later.
NVIDIA's logo still persists in the background of the bigger logo.

Telomerase is an enzyme that adds telomere repeat sequences to the 3' end of DNA strands. By lengthening this strand DNA polymerase is able to complete the synthesis of the "incomplete ends" of the opposite strand.

* is a ribonucleoprotein;
* Its single RNA molecule provides an AAUCCC (in mammals) template to guide the insertion of TTAGGG.
* Its protein component called TERT ("TElomere Reverse Transcriptase") provides the catalytic action.
* Thus telomerase is a reverse transcriptase; synthesizing DNA from an RNA template.
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