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Default This worked for me

I have SuSE 8.1 and I did an online update before I did this.

I had already done the rpm -i on the NVIDIA_kernel 4191 and it did not work.
I did the rpm -e on the NVIDIA_kernel and it told me that I could not do this as there was more then one package.
The trick then is to do an rpm -q NVIDIA_kernel
This will show you what else is there.
Mine had an old 0.8 level rpm. I removed it with the rpm -e and the newer 4149 started to work. I could not remove them both.

Now I have the eth0 nivida port working well. The 3D graphics working and if I su to root and do a modprobe nvaudio the sound works. Now I just have to figure out where to put the
"modprobe nvaudio" command so that it gets executed at the right time on boot.
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