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Default Re: From default NV at 75 vert HZ to nvidia at max 58Hz, what's wrong?

Originally Posted by BoardDWorld
In regards to the optimal refresh, under windows it defaults to 75Hz, when purchased it the display model was at this and I ran it for 8 months at this on Windows and there has never been any visable flicker/waveyness at this vert Hz. The extra 15-17Hz makes a tremendous difference being that the flicker/waveyness is very noticeable at 60Hz and quite nauseous after a couple of hours use.
15Hz only makes a difference on CRTs.

Windows defaults to 75Hz because that is the highest, which is not optimal. When I first got my Dell LCD, Windows set the refresh rate to 75Hz. When I popped up the OSD, it listed the optimal setting at 1280x1024 60Hz. So I changed the driver to use that. Most companies list 60Hz as their optimal refresh rate.

LCDs have dots that stay the same color and do not have to be 'refreshed' by the gun like in a CRT so there is no flicker. So the 60 is arbitary too.

So I recommend using the 60Hz that the monitor EDID defaults to unless you have another reason why you want to drive the LCD harder than it likes.

Edit: It's kinda funny, you're like the exact opposite of this guy (Look at the 4th post):
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