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Well, for pvp, the ele class is prettymuch worthless now. They "balanced" gale by doubling the energy cost - if they had just upped the skill req. to 12+ it would have done the job. They "balanced" stoning by upping the energy cost by 5, now 15 energy w/ crap dmg. Basically, they made it so eles can't efficiently interrupt anymore which was probably their best attribute in pvp. Additionally, all the decent ele spells cause exhaustion. This limitation doesn't exist for the other casters - the balance is bull****. Meanwhile the two most blatantly overpowered classes in the game Necro and Mesmer (in that order) are left alone. Put exhaustion on backfire, energy surge, phantasm, echo (including arcane), migrane, and drain, and it might be about even. I won't even bother with Necros.
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