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Originally Posted by chunkey
Are you really sure that your Win x86_64 is on /dev/hda3?
(Normaly, Windows uses the _first_ primary partition and logical partitions).

fdisk /dev/hda -l (Note: -l = (small L))
Going back to this for a moment. I have had multiple installations of these systems, but in the two times that I can remember, when XP was in a partition after SuSe, or in an extended partition later in sequence, I had problems with that OS being visible to SuSe. However, a Microsoft article said that any Unix or Linux OS should be installed prior to any form of MS OS. Of course, this spoke in terms of time, rather than location, but as I said, W98/ME and some forms of NT do require a partition at the beginning.

I think that I will try reorganizing the systems with XP located in front and see what happens. I remember that this time around, SuSe was the first system installed, with x32 following. A repair of Grub made that work fine, but when x64 followed up the rear, it works on it's own through the Windows boot.ini, but it is hiding from SuSe. I do not know if this problem is due to the installation process, or if there is something different about x64, but I guess that I will have to go by trial and error.
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