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Default Blank screen/freezes - please help

Not sure what section to put this in but anyway heres my problem:

I have a GeForce FX5500 which has worked without problem for about 18 months since i got a new system with that card.

Recently I kept getting freezes on the desktop and on restarting sometimes the windows login wouldn't show up and I'd just get a blank screen after the windows Xp logo.

I was able to get into windows via safe mode and found that disabling any of the items related to the nvidia drivers at startup let me start up normally again, with no freezing. I was even able to play half life 2 without any problems.

One of these start up items(cant remember the name sadly) for some reason kept reenabling itself so i kept having to go into safe mode, run msconfig and check the item not to load.

I figured that maybe its a problem with the drivers so I uinstalled the nvidia drivers and indeed without them I get into windows with no problem.

When I tried to reinstall the nvidia drivers it get half way through the installation and screen goes blank and i have to turn off the PC go back to safe mode and uninstall again to get back into windows again. I've now tried installing older drivers as well and i get the same problem part way through installation.

I suspect I may need to replace the graphics card, but is there anything else I should try before I do that in case its not a hardware problem. The fact that before I uninstalled the driver I could play something like half life 2 providing I disabled some startup items seems odd. But I don't know too much about this stuff.

Any ideas?

edit: I've just done a system restore to get back the uninstalled drivers, the startup item is NvCpl.dll,NvStartup if thats any help. still have the freezing/blank screen errors

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