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Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
EDIT2: Holy sh**! These things are light!
Less than 3 pounds? Thats amazing. I always wondered how on earth people swung those damned things around, I figured they weighed like 10 pounds or more for a mid-sized sword.

If I had a little more money to play with I would deffinitely get one of the $350 ones... those are just too cool. I'd probably hurt myself trying to play with it though
Yeah a real sword is harmonically balanced and everything. If you strike it and watch the how it flexes it looks like this with the blade arcing in this manner:

(|) handle

That way the sweet spot for cutting in the cetner of the blade remains motionless with no vibration, and agian it remains motionless with no vibration right at the cross guard above the handle. That way in battle minimal vibrations transfer into your hand, which is balanced right under the cross guard, and you remain in total control of the balde.

Plus the blade is so thin its hard to imagine it would hold up, and with such a small amount of steel out at the tip the blade moves around almost effortlessly. I was absolutly blown away when I picked up my sword for the first time, it seemed unreal how light it was. Since most of that 3lbs is in your hand, it wieghs almost nothing at the tip.

Even the two handed long swords are only like 4lbs.
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