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Default NV30 status, rally not taped out? + more than NV30 in Q4

Hey everyone,

Before anyone say " Did you even listen to that conference call? " - yes. I heard all of it live.

Anyway, there are 2 explanations to this evasion:
1. NV30 didn't tape-out yet.
2. NV30 taped out, but VERY recently. Jen Hsun, not wanting to make stupid analysts barely knowing what a GPU is, said it will be out in the holiday season. It could have taped out two days before - but since he said it was nearly taped out in the last conference call... he probably would hate to give them an info being able to proof he lied.

Both 1 and 2 are possible, but 2 was not said by anyone, and i find it nearly as likely as 1 ( but still not as likely ) - just wanted to give a possibility no one talked about.

Also, it sounds like we ARE going to have multiple GPUs in Q4 ( Jen Hsun said it ), not only the NV30. As to how much GPUs, i got to refer to a Prudential analyst, which, a few months ago, said 9 chips will be available. That's less than the GF4, but some parts of the GF4 family do not need as much to be replaced - nVidia still pretty much got the lead in workstation, they'll only need a new higher end i guess.

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