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Default Re: Why isn't the NVnews logo green?

Originally Posted by Telomerase
many fathers out there have jobs that are more laborise than you. not to mention many truck drivers spend countless entire days away from their family, but they manage quite well. i am not disrespecting you, but i do grow tired of seeing that excuse being brought up. it could be said that it's almost turning into a cliche. if it's really that much of a balancing act, then perhaps your personal life is more important. please, do not misinterpret my argument as i'm not trying to start any flames or hurt anybodies feelings.
Why do you think that owes you anything? If you really dislike the site, why are you here?

The site is free to you! You don't pay a dime for the news, and boards here, why does owe you more?

I just can't understand this.

It aint easy running a site like this, especially a site this large, the servers were just upgraded, Mike just gave away a 7800GTX 512, this site is very giving to the community. He didn't have to do any of that!
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