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Default Re: Why isn't the NVnews logo green?

Originally Posted by BeaverOne
such a graceful use of the english language. "Nobody owes you nothing," i am very impressed. from the response i got it seems as if i hit a nerve. you flew right off the handle. exploded and banned me, how just. at least i'm capable of employing my native language better than you. perhaps in the near future i'll be mailing a hardcopy of a real accomplishment in life a Ph.D in chemistry. i could care less about your arguments against me as they are even more childish than my initial rant. you're completely wrong on most aspects of it anyhow. everything you said was an assumption based on misinterpretation. i supposedly hate NVIDIA even though i own multiple NVIDIA products AND use Linux? nice contradiction. i am neither fanboy of ATI or NVIDIA, i use what's best at any given time per application.
You are an ATI fanboy and a miserable one at that. Your biggest mistake was to think we had to be miserable with you.
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