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Default Re: Why isn't the NVnews logo green?

This site has one of the fastest servers on the net, it loads 7 times faster than [H], and 12 times faster than Rage sans the prepubescent fanboys and chronic wankers, why? Because people like MikeC actually invest money and time to make sure this site runs smoothly, I'm on this site at least 3 hours a day and sometimes its the only reason I wake up on weekends, so if anything we all owe NVnews and not the other way around. Without this site I would have a Dell with onboard graphics playing CS Source at 800x600. I apologize for even trying to make a damn logo, I didn't know it would provoke all the flamers, I just wanted to contribute in a little way to this place.

BTW, douche bag, my mom has a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry and I'll have a Masters in Engineering Physics in a few years, rubbing in the fact that you have an education just shows that's all you have and when you're too stupid to come up with reasonable arguments you flaunt it in people's faces, there are a lot of educated people on this forum and just because they CHOOSE not to put the effort into impeccable grammar when posting in a leisurely forum certainly doesn't hold a breath to what they know.
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