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Thumbs up RedHat 8.0, nForce and USB possible solution

I have an Asus A7N266-VM on a system running RedHat 8.0 that kept hanging during bootup, right around when it was checking module dependencies. When I unplugged USB devices, the system booted normally. If I booted the system and then plugged in the USB devices, the system would totally hang.

To try fixing this problem, I entered the system BIOS and changed the setting of "Legacy USB Devices" (or something like that) from "Primary" to "Secondary". This allowed me to boot with the USB devices plugged in, AND have them all recognized and working. Also FYI, I only have devices plugged into the "main" USB ports (the ones actually on-board, not the ones that take up a slot bay and are attached to the mobo with a cable). I don't know what will happen if I plug anything into the other ports, but setting the "Legacy USB Devices" to "Disabled" still caused the hanging issue. Perhaps the system considers the "secondary" ports to be those on the motherboard? Weird...

Hopefully this helps other people, as I've yet to find anyone giving a solution to this isssue.
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