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Default Re: IS the nVidia 6 Series dead?

id take the 7600gt... performs faster than the 6800gs in games which is similar to the 6800gt in performance.... theres no way we can tell how any card will run crysis or ut2007... iirc they said for ut2007 that theyre aiming to get it runing at 1024 with high details on a midrange system when the game comes out...
Originally Posted by Dr@Home
If my 9600pro plays oblivion fine on med/low settings, i'm sure a 6600GT will do high settings.

I'm probably going to pass the 6800GT down to my brother soon, so to me it is dead.
with my old 7800gtx i was getting as low as 20fps (after tweaks) outdoors.... thres no way a 6600gt will run it fine unless its on low settings with low draw distance
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