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Default Re: debian linux on acer aspire 5652WMLi / GF Go7600

Originally Posted by stewie

I am a owner of Acer Aspire 5652WMLi with a Nvidia GeForce Go 7600 256MB GDDR3. I guess this Notebook is really new, because I have several problems configuring my Debian Linux System. Microsoft Windows is working perfectly .

Because of my IPW3945 Wireless-chipset, i have to use the linux 2.6.17-rc1. (sourceforge driver need CONFIG_ACPI_POWER=y in .config). I also have to patch the newest nvidia-installer (NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-8178-U012206.diff.txt) otherwise the installer doesn't build the kernel module.
I tried different kernel (debian 2.4, 2.6, native 2.6.16 & with different configs (ACPI enabled/disabled ...) but I always have the same scenario trying to start the x-server with a reasonable xorg.config. I can see a colorfull screen of grap and I have no chance to get a console [ALT+CTRL+F1]. Everytime I have to force a reboot, make a fsck, init to /bin/bash, edit my xorg by replacing the module name and boot again. I am not able to do any kind of troubleshooting.
even though i am trying to get direct rendering, i tried to get the native nv xorg-module working, but this was also unsuccesful. The X-Server crashes with several errors (no logs available a the time, xorg.conf is checked).

I read something about a new nvidia release, that solves compatibility issues with GF 6xxx/7xxx and >2.6.14 . Are there known problems with similiar Hardware and Linux, that will be solved by a new nvidia release?


hello i thing you can make your post here and see the link:

make : the nvidia bug report the command line is :
it s automatic generation of all system information of your hardware and xorg log

good luck

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