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Default Re: My BFG 6800GT dying? (Unique situation)

Funny thing... i bought a used 6800GT OC AGP8X card from a friend last week that had it for only 2weeks after RMAing his regular 6800 AGP8X card, BFG sent him the GT model in return. Well, needless to say, it worked perfectly fine for him when he had it, but 3days after i took possession of it, out of the blue, it locked up on me in windows and i had to do a hard reboot. Next thing i know, i've got vertical lines during bootup and it gave me nothing but a black screen when in windows... mind you that this card was never OC'd and running at stock speeds(370/1000). It too had the all copper heat sink with twin LED fans, idle temps were at 60c and 72c under load... from what i hear, this heat sink is worse for cooling over the reference one fan design. I called it in for an RMA and now the card is on its way to BFG, hopefully i'll get a brand new replacement 6800GT AGP8X card, or better yet if they are completely out, a brand new 7800GS AGP8X card in return. I tell ya, theres something seriously wrong with the 6800GT models by thank goodness for the lifetime warranty, i'll give them that. This kinda reminds me of the infamous vertical line pinkish/blue screens that the gainward ti4200 cards used to produce, all because of faulty pcb capacitors.
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