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Default Re: Which GeForce 6 for ECS NFORCE3-A motherboard?

Originally Posted by MtViewGuy
I'm thinking of gutting out my old computer and replacing the old Abit AB-KT7A-RAID motherboard with a new ECS NFORCE3-A motherboard with 1 to 2 GB of PC3200 DDR-SDRAM and an AMD Sempron 3100+ (Revision E6) CPU.

Any suggestions on what nVidia GeForce 6 chipset card should I use? (I won't be using the GeForce 6800 series though.) I've heard the GeForce 6200 with Turbo Cache isn't worth the extra money, and the GeForce 6600 card will require a direct connection from the system power supply, something I want to avoid if possible.
The 6600 GT AGP requires an extra power connector, but I think the normal 6600 doesn't. The 6200 Turbo Cache isn't an option as this is PCI-E only. You could use a normal 6200.
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