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Default Re: Upgrading to GeForce 6800LE, help required!

That power supply is way to weak. These guys know nothing. ^^ Namebrand means nothing if it still cant send out the amps. Also 250watt is REALLY weak for gaming desktop system. Look for a 350watt with 15-16amps on the 12v. You should have no problem finding one for a good price as 350watt is a common supply.

Agent, if anyone is a troll it is you, the x800xl was a fine card. Easily mingles with the low 6800's and high 6600's.

However since the OP is not on a power gaming system and the PSU is a main concern, recomending better cards that require more power (any x8xx and 68xx will need a really good power supply) isn't ideal. I don't know the direct performances of both the cards, but from experience, the high end of the previuse model number (6600GT) matches the value edition of the next series (6800) and that usualy leaves the value edition at a bad price point.

Value editions generaly have allways been there to suck in those who just see the bigger model number and leave them with a card no one ever recomends for price vs performance reasons.
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