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Default Re: Upgrading to GeForce 6800LE, help required!

Originally Posted by jeffmd
That power supply is way to weak. These guys know nothing. ^^ Namebrand means nothing if it still cant send out the amps. Also 250watt is REALLY weak for gaming desktop system. Look for a 350watt with 15-16amps on the 12v. You should have no problem finding one for a good price as 350watt is a common supply.
Going throwing around comments like "these guys know nothing" is a good way of being branded a troll and a n00b. I agree that a 250W PSU is a bit weak, but then advising the OP to buy a 350W seems a bit rediculous. If he is going to buy a new PSU then at least advise something that will last a while, and not have to replaced the next time he needs a new graphics card. I'd say for some headroom on the power front, buy at least a 420W, if not higher, and try not to go too cheap. As saving money on a PSU could prove to be a false economy.
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