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Default Re: BFG 6800GT OC core voltage is what?

yeah see this is what the issue is. I measures the voltage right off the regulator itself to make sure I wasnt reading it wrong and its outputting about 1.60 - 1.61vdc As for the heatsink Im not too worried about the design of the original one its a pure copper sink but the fans are just pathetic. Ive allready milled the original sink to be perfectly gapped to the gpu and ram chips .the do have different heights, which is why you typically put a bigger layer of compound on the ram chips then the gpu. So I got a excelent and even surface contact now. Its just what to do with the fans and this (atleast to me) abnormal voltage. btw you said RT dont measure volts then Im assuming the RT monitor isnt a real time voltage measurement tool then? This is where I seen the 1.6 I wasnt worried what the RT probe reported. I go by what things are actually doing not what they are 'supposed' to be doing.
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