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Default Re: IS the nVidia 6 Series dead?

Originally Posted by agentkay
When lots of a AA/AF come into play, yes. The 7600GT has only 12pixelpipes and 5 vertex units (vs. 16/6) but not only it has the improved 7 series pipelines which perform better, especially with shader heavy games and HDR, but it has also higher clocks. The XXX edition is clocked at 590/1600.
OK to finally put this matter to bed could someone with a 6800GT or ultra pls post there absolute best benchmark scores @ ANY resolution or AA settings in ANY game or test suite so that I can show you how wrong the assumption is that a 7600GT cant beat a 6800Ulta.

im even willing to run my card at stock verus the NV40 card @ its best overclock.

any volunteers???
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