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Default Re: IS the nVidia 6 Series dead?

My 6800GT @ 400/1.19 does just under 6k on 3DMark05. In Quake4 I'm playing at 1280x1024 with 2xQ AA/16xAF, vsync enabled, and everything maxed (except for that "Ultra" setting- no way my system could handle that) and I'm getting silky smooth framerates. I'll run it tonight with FRAPs to see what they are- I'm guessing 60-ish or higher. This is on a K8V SE Dlx with a 3700 (s754) and a gig of cheap ram. Not bad though, plays the lost coast level extremely well also. I can have everything maxed @ 1024x768 and it's still very playable (probably 30 -45 fps, will have to check with FRAPS again also).

If you can, I say get the 7600, or even better, the 78 or 7900GT. The later two would be the better choice.
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