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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by six_storm
Well, I finally broke down and bought WoW. I've only got to play it a little bit since the tornado blew through town and knocked my internet and power out. Anyways, it's been a blast so far and can't wait to play some more. I started out with a Human Rogue and I thought sneaking around would be cool. After learning more about the game, I prolly didn't make the best decisions and got tired of a wussy little dagger all the time so I started over with a Paladian. The sledgehammer is a bit weird but it's fun. One thing I don't like about the Paladian is that he/she is all about healing other people. No special attacks! Anyways, I have a Lvl 7 Rogue and Lvl 5 Paladian online under "sixstorm" on Duskwood realm. Look around for me, I'm a stupid noob that doesn't know any better!!!
Your rogue will do the most damage if you spec him correctly. Those wussy daggers can have high burst damage if you spec him assasin. If you want to do constant nasty damage go combat spec. You can litterally chew threw mobs at your level and the fastest pace of any class in the game. The only thing you did wrong was make a human rogue. Make a NE rogue for better agility and defence.

The other mistake was playing a pally. If you wanted to do damage with a melee class and not be a rogue then go with a warrior and spec arms fury. Get good gear and a pally can't touch you. Either way pallies are boring.

Sad to say but I did start up my warrior again. I got in a west coast guild and they have been treating me great. I got almost a full dark iron suit and FR is up to 282. Need it to be higher but that is a start.

I have gotten a bunch of other stuff. Got a nice defence cloak that huge two headed dog in BWL and the drillbore shield. Great for raid trash mob tanking.
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