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Default Re: Support of new video cards for laptops? (Quadro FX go 350/1500/2500)

Originally Posted by salmon
Well. I think i trust you, but it would be nice if they were mentionen in the README.
Thanks for the driver!
I noticed that the comprehensive list does not have the NVS 120M, but does list the 110M.
Is there an issue with the 120M?

The reason I ask is that I am considering a list of laptops, one of which includes the 120M:
Dell Lattitude D620 -- NVS 110M
Dell Lattitude D820 -- NVS 120M
Dell Precision M65 -- Quadro FX 350M
Sony FE/SZ -- 7400go
ASUS A8Jm -- 7600go (if it comes to U.S.)
Compal HGL -- 7600go (if it comes to U.S.)

I have one additional question though. I will be doing 3D opengl development in linux, with lots of
anti-aliased lines for debugging visualization (hence a quadro), but I will also be gaming in Windows. I have
not seen any concrete information on what exactly is different in a 350M from a 7400go. Will the
350M (or NVSs) be at least as good as a 7400go in a DX8/DX9 gaming scenario?

What would be nice is a rundown of the tradeoffs among all the 7300/7400 based cards (110M, 120M,
7300go, 7400go, FX 350M) with respect to opengl primitives (anti aliased lines and other CAD-like
support) and DirectX Windows gaming (pushing polys & textures).

However, the bottom line is I just want decent linux opengl support and good windows directx gaming
performance, and I'd like to be assured that the NVSs or Quadro FX 350M are not crippled in one
or other of these respects relative to the 7400go.

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