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Default Re: Crash with 8756 driver &twinview

hi Lonni,
thanks for your help. Here are the answers to your questions:
0) Does X crash immediately when TwinView is in use?
The graphical boot screen works as expected if enabled, as soon as the X-server is started, X crashes. It does not even show the Nvidia splash screen

1) Which BIOS version are you using?
I had bios 1013 dated 07/26/2005. On the Asus website I found a version 1016, dated 12/01/2005 and installed it. The crash remains the same

2) Does this reproduce if you boot with the 'nosmp' kernel parameter?
The machine does not even boot when I set teh nosmp parameter. It complains about lost interrupt on hda (a cdrom player). So I could not test this unfortunately
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