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Unhappy My 9700 Pro 3DMark03 Scores below average

Hi peeps,

I've just upgraded to a Hercules 9700 Pro from a Geforce 3 Ti 500 as I needed a card that supported dual display.

Now I have to say that so far my scores in 3DMark and my overall FPS' are very disappointing.

Check out this 3DMark03 comparison of my setup against an almost identical one.

NB: Previous score was just over 2000, this link shows my current score of just over 4300 now.

Also my ingame scores for things like Unreal Tournament and UT2K3 have not improved. In UT running in OpenGL I now get around 90 - 100 FPS where as my GF3 used to give me between 120 - 150 and even hit 200+ in some places. UT2k3 seems to sit aroud the 45 - 60 FPS mark which isn't much of an improvement over the 35 - 45 my GF3 was capable of.

Edit : Have tried to run UT in Direct 3D instead of OpenGl and it just crashes every time now. OPenGl still works if you switch it back but is definately not as smooth as on the GF3

Any ideas where its all going wrong!?!

FYI, I'm currently using Cat 3.1's

Any help would be appreciated as this is my first ATI card so I may be missing something.


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