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Default Re: TV-out ceased to work in 8756 release

Originally Posted by netllama
Are you certain that your TV can do 800x600? Have you tried other modes for the TV, such as 640x480 or 1024x768?

Also, have you tried commenting out the "TVOutFormat" option?
Interesting, very interesting. 800x600 doesn't want to work no matter what I do. However trying 640x480 or 1024x768 or 720x576 ALL work. So I think my problem is kinda solved. I am still puzzled though why 800x600 as a tv-out resolution worked both with previous Nvidia driver versions and on Windows.

I've also tried commenting out the 'TVOutFormat' option, but that resulted in washed-out colours, so I put back the composite value.

I can use 720x576 as a tv-out resolution now I suppose.

Edit: I take back the all-good part. TV-out does indeed work, only I can't use mplayer properly anymore. In previous driver versions dragging the player to the tv-screen and going fullscreen there, fullscreened the movie to that resolution (in my case 800x600). With the new driver version, it seems to fullscreen to the 1280x1024 of the primary screen and I only see the top-left part of the picture . Damn.

Edit2: I also see one more difference between the last-version and 8756 that might be the 'cause' or a 'result' of the driver-changes. In 8178 and before when you looked at the mini-desktops in the taskbar you could see only a part of the image was was used, the right part (800x600) was blank. I'll try a picture of this to make clear. With 8756 the primary screen shows no signs of a Twinview other than a stretched out background picture. Also the login screen looks normal. In the past with Twinview I sort of got the background 4 times. Again, picture coming up.

1. Twinview-tft. This is how the login screen looked with 8178. With 8756 it looks like it is supposed to look.
2. Twinview-difference is what the desktop-images show on the taskbar. Note the wider space around 'Desktop 1'
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