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Default Re: Official Tomb Raider: Legend Feedback Thread

Running at 1920x1200 TRL controlling AA and forcing 16xAF, it's not too bad on the opening level so far. I had to change the SLI mode from AFR to AFR2. With the demo AFR seemed best but with the next gen content enabled, AFR2 seems to work better. I'm in the mid-30s so far.

I'm running it on the SLI system and haven't installed the patch yet since I have read about it screwing up some of the graphic (downgrading them or whatever). I wanted to see what it looked like first.

Edit: I took some screenshots but forgot to enable the framerate display on it so I'm taking a few more now.

Edit 2: I take that back, I'm in the 20s and 30s. Edit 3: heh, maybe 20-60. It bounces a lot depending on where I'm looking.
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