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Default Re: Disappearing Downloads

Originally Posted by kgroombr
The only thing I would do is use a search tool (find command or GUI util) to search for it, but I bet you are one step ahead of me on that one too. If the file is in cache, then it probably has a funky name anyway and this won't help. I would download a file, denote the size, and do a search for files with that size. The find command has a -size option that will do this.

After this, I am at a loss. Hope you find your answer. Please post when you do. I would really like to know that is happening.

Good luck

Yes, I have run a search of the drive that the archive is on, but I have not searched everywhere else. The only other place that it could be is in the SuSe partition, but the SuSe search tool is so slow that I haven't bothered.

I'm preparing to reformat all of my partitions, except the archive...if I can get up the gumption to install my new motherboard first, so I guess that this problem is academic, and hopefully the new installs will not have this problem.
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