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Default Re: Official Tomb Raider: Legend Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Elvin Presler
The game took me 6 hours to complete, taking my time. Including the mansion and finding almost all secrets, it was 6:59 total played. So it is way, WAY short.

Gameplay was fairly bug free and enjoyable, but was nothing like a Tomb Raider game used to be. There are no difficult puzzles at all. All the movable objects and "puzzle" pieces pulsate with light, and you get these 2 annoying people constantly telling you what to do over voice com, so nothing is left for you to figure out on your own.

The controls are not sluggish like in TR-AOD, but they are so simplified with auto-grabbing ledges, auto targeting everything (the change target function didn't work at all) that the game is basically on auto-pilot for you.

I tried to drag the game out as long as I could to get the most enjoyment I could from it because I loved the old TR games, and still the credits were rolling 6 short hours after I installed the game. Literally. I installed it at 1 pm and it was over at 7 pm the same day.

There are only 6 levels that take from 30 - 50 minutes to complete (without rushing) and 2 others that are little 5 minute, interactive cutscenes more than anything else.

The graphics are nice, but other than that, there's really not much to enjoy. Nothing to explore. No puzzles to solve. the game is basically: 1. Enter room. 2. Move the shiny, pulsating object to the shiny, pulsating spot on the floor. 3. Watch cutscene that ends level. Repeat 5 times and game is over.

I give it 4/10 and that is only because it was mostly bug free and had nice graphics. There is hardly any content, hardly any challenge, and zero replay value. The booby jiggling animation is insulting to my intelligence. The extra costumes useless junk to me and the fact there are more bonus costumes in the game than levels to play speaks volumes about the developers priorities.

Next Gen mode is brutally unplayable on my system and really doesn't look any better to me, just different. So that was just a huge waste of hard drive space to me that could and should have been used for more quality levels than the pathetic 6 the game has.

What a huge disappointment.

Hey Elvin I'm stuck in a certain part of the game. Can I PM you with a question?
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