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Default Re: IS the nVidia 6 Series dead?

Originally Posted by NrG
Does anyone else think the 6800 Ultra is drastically overpriced? I found one for AU$799! that like 7900GTX territory! Yeah thanx a lot, I think the 7600GT is good enough for me...unless the X1800GTO can trump it. But I heard its just a half dead X1800XL lol. Haven't seen it in action.
the X1800GTO beats the 7600GT in two games - FEAR & Oblivion. everything else seems to go to the 7600GT.

Both FEAR & Oblivion run slightly faster on ATI hardware - this is true at any pricepoint so dont hold it against the 7600GT alone, remember the X1800GTO only wins in two games and costs more, uses more power and makes more noise.
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