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Originally posted by Captain Beige
too bad the drivers can only get worse as at the moment nvidia doesn't have any WHQL certified drivers because it would mean not being able to use their 16-bit hackery. and too bad that 3dmark2003 score is meaningless because it's not using WHQL drivers which is a requirement for valid scores. too bad the 9700pro will have higher FPS in Doom3 final when the same IQ is used.

then again, your own fault for buying a product that was 1 step short of having DISCONTINUED written across it.

but so long as you're happy with what you got and don't care about the ~1 million other people who got more for less money...
They have shiped 1 million R300's but havent sold them all.

Meanwhile Geforce4's still sell strong.

Im going to check out best buy right after i eat!
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