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Default Re: I want to try MMORPG, but which one?

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
What MMORPG would you recommend to someone that never played a MMORPG before?

Something that comes with free trail would be good. I do play RPG games, mostly off-line, Guild Wars is the only RPG that i played online.

I did D&D Online beta testing, and must say its was pretty good, was actually considering to buy it, unless they is something better available.
id way WoW,havent played D&D online but ive played UO,EQ,EQ2,AC,AO,DAOC,WoW,FFonline and prolly some others that im missing,most fun ive had was with EQ and WoW tbh,and EQ is damn old and a bit to "hardcore" compared to todays standards so WoW is your best bet.
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