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NV35 will be announced soon?!? Great!!! When that comes out I will buy it and retire my FX. What's the big deal really?!? Right now I have the most powerful Nvidia card available (since I refuse to buy ATI)(Before the flames start, ATI makes good cards, I just don't like them, personal opinion). When the next "Best thing"from Nvidia comes out, I will buy that too. Also, in relation to "ATI will have better FPS when Doom3 comes out officially" or whatever, how do you know? From what I hear, Carmack plans to optimize for both cards (he got really upset with ATI after the Doom3 leak.)

For glowstick : I think you are refering to the 43.00 drivers. They are terrible, I tried them. I will stick with the 42.68's for now.

For All : Keep checking PC Club, I have a gut feeling that the MSI cards will be shipping soon. No hard data, just call it a hunch.

Also, I am using a weak motherboard, weak ram, etc. When I get my new mobo (655max) and dual channel ddr 400 (2) 512MB I will repost my benchmarks...

AND...for low/mid range cards, looks like Nvidia is spanking ATI. Only the 9500Pro can beat a 5600 and 5200. The value versions of ATI's cards (except the 9500pro) are NOT DX9 compliant and were built on DX8 platform, while ALL of Nvidia's cards will be DX9 compliant (<$100 to $200). Since that is where the card makers make most of their money, guess Nvidia will win again...
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