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Originally posted by nrdstrm
AND...for low/mid range cards, looks like Nvidia is spanking ATI. Only the 9500Pro can beat a 5600 and 5200. The value versions of ATI's cards (except the 9500pro) are NOT DX9 compliant and were built on DX8 platform, while ALL of Nvidia's cards will be DX9 compliant (<$100 to $200). Since that is where the card makers make most of their money, guess Nvidia will win again...
hahahahaha nvidia says they are DX9 compliant, but the FX line is useless for DX9 - DX9 requires at least FP24, nvidia has non-compliant FP16 and compliant FP32 which cannot be used on the NV30, let alone cards with less hardware acceleration. why do you think nvidia STILL doesn't have any WHQL certified DX9 drivers? - because they would HAVE to be DX9 compliant meaning FP32, meaning nvidia being raped in every benchmark.

you also seem to be ignoring the fact the 9500pro has been out for a while and the 9200, 9600, 9800 are guaranteed at most 4 weeks away (1st April current release I think). nvidia's record of getting products available after launch isn't so reliable, so the only thing nvidia is "spanking" ATI at is BS hype.

just keep looking for a WHQL driver. you'll be waiting for a long time. then ask yourself what nvidia is so afraid of.
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