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Default Re: Asus A8N-VM (CSM) - new BIOS 0610 released, still no ACPI fix

Originally Posted by belrog
Sound on Linux dont work.

It so stupid that ASUS have Dont think of Linux Users .

I have upgraded 3 Bios Relases from there website.
Currently using 902(beta) Which have no Changelog .... and not sure when they are gooing to
release the new stable version of it.

Things Was unable to get them working with this board:
Sound Sound Sound Sound...... Works on one side and a high pitch on the other side....

This Board is Making me Crazeeeeeee ...
Some one needs to take action on Asus for there Careless Attitude to help the customers.

I Wast almost 4 months with this Board.... Finally gooing to buy Tyan which support the

PLS PLS PLS PLS dont get A8nVM Mbs.. they suck and wast ur time....
I've had 4 great months with this board. Sure, it took some work to solve the various issues (BIOS & sound), it's been well worth it. The support I've found for the various issues has been great.

I'm currently using the alsa 1.0.10 drivers with this board with no squealing, over the SP/DIF output. I think the key is to add
options snd-hda-intel position_fix=1
to your modules.d file (or use alsa 1.0.11rc4 as the other poster mentioned).

Please don't curse this board because you were an early adopter. As such, you should expect to have to do some work to get it all going (in the current environment for Linux).
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