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Originally posted by jAkUp

and yes, i much agree with him about nvidia cards... im just not an ati guy. my friend has a 9700 pro... and i wasnt too impressed... it was fast... when it wanted to be. half of the game demos i brought over wouldnt even run. just a fuzzy screen. with my geforcefx, i havent come across a single game that refuses to run.

Imperium Galactica 3 Demo
Doom 3 Alpha

All are broken on the nVidia cards since the 4x.xx detonators, but run fine on ATI cards.

Then there are detonator glitches with:

Splinter cell demo (bad lense flares and flickering textures when AA is on)
Silent Hill 2 (using the flashlight causes garbled screen when using AA)

These problems aren't present on my 9700.

IMO nVidia's driver quality became worse than ATI's since the 4x.xx detonators. They broke a lot of things trying to squeeze every last drop of performance out of their hardware.

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