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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

The PvP is AMAZING, but the PvE gets very boring very fast IMO. There's no real goals at end game past actually just "beating" the game. No hardcore loot to go for, no end-all be-all hard bosses that are an accomplishment to take down. The only real thing at end game is farming ecto's and shards to try and get FoW (Fissure of Woe) armor, but that would take months of patience and UW(Underworld)/FoW farming. The game is more focused on collecting all the skills rather than items.

If you like competitive PvP, you'll find this game to be amazing. There are 75 unique skills for every single class, and they can be put together in a multitude of ways that allow for all kinds of strategy and team building to come into play. Different builds and styles of play seem to be limitless, and new ones are being innovated seemily daily. Though PvE is a different story, the best/most effective end game PvE builds are pretty much set in stone.

That said, the game is very fun the whole way through, the missions are VERY challenging, especially towards the end, and you'll need a group of guys that know what they're doing well and can cooperate with one another to even hope of beating the last few missions, post beating the game, it isn't too terribly exciting. Doing the high end areas (UW/FoW) is exciting the first few times, and is always a good time in PUG's, it's really a challenge, but once you fall into the loop of it and group with guys that know what they're doing, it just becomes a grind (like 4 man UW trapper groups). Since UW and FoW are the only real two high end area's worth farming in the game, they have been beaten down into a science and you will be expected to play a highly specific role of a common build in the functioning of the group. You'll see people saying "LF 55-monk 2 man UW!" or "GLF echo SS Necro!" or "4 man trapper group UW LF Winnow" or "GLF Barrage Ranger!" etc etc etc.
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