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Default Re: Why isn't the NVnews logo green?

I make the worst spelling and typos of any of the posters here. And probably have the most grammatically incorrect posts on the whole interweb! The funniest part is thats not a joke. Yet, i am a very, very educated man. I myself have been a fan of nvnews for a long, long time. Since my geforce1-geforce2 gts transition i believe. Everytime I had an issue with a game I got my answers here with no flames. nobody ever talked down to me, or called me stupid because I didn't know such and such driver fixed the problem. This has to be one of the fastest sites on the net in terms of forum speed. Yet it's the most non monetary site. The people here who 'work' for nvnews do it out of passion. A passion for the games industry and video cards. Not just nvidia ones. Part of the reason this site is so quick is because of design. Second is because of servers. So I for one could care less if they ever change the layout, as I'm here for the PEOPLE not the *.gifs. I don't know mikeC, all I know is that some of the best discussions i have ever had, have been had here, and in irc with wish and muya.
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