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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

PVP in Guild Wars is some of the best... you can do Random arenas (4 vs. 4, but you can't organize your team), Team Arenas (4 vs. 4, but you get to organize your team), and Heroes' Ascent (8 man team, sometimes against 1 other team, sometimes 4 or 5, I forget)... Heroes' Ascent is where you earn the "favor of the gods", which PVE characters need to get into certain areas like the Underworld and Fissure of Woe... then there is Guild vs. Guild which is basically 8 vs. 8 but you have to do kill the opposing guilds Guild Lord in order to win.

Factions is supposed to expand on some of these and on the last preview I saw they did pretty well... they introduced Factions arenas or something where you fight for either Luxon or Kurzick (sp?) factions and whatnot... but this is 12 vs. 12 and you can only organize like... 4 of the team members... so you can't organize ALL 12 people and it is random who you go in with besides your initial 4 party members (or you can enter alone and just be put in randomly). I hear they are also supposed to have bigger GVG matches of something like 16 vs 16... but I think those are the alliance battles or something where it is 2 guilds vs 2 guilds basically... I could be wrong, though.
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