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Default Re: Mode "1360x768_60" is too large for LG PDP50K (DFP-0);

I got it working with
Option "ExactModeTimingsDVI" "True"

It is fustrating but what is in the manual is not in the edid There are two models a 42" and a 50", 42" only does 1024x768 maybe they couldn't be bothered updating the edid!

Life would have been much simpler if it had! I now have it working at 1366x768 and my 50" plasma is running perfectly, pixel perfectly.

In a odd but unrelated note, mythtv now has a 300ms delay that has to be corrected

meant to include the modeline for 1366x768, i was not sure if it would do it. I had read it had to be a multiple of 8 so either 1360x768 or 1368768. Well I will just comfirm that a nvidia 6200 works perfectly at 1366x768.

ModeLine "1366x768_60" 88.03 1366 1424 1704 1816 768 770 782 808

Thanks for your time Lonni
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